Lisa Tanner in Worcestshire stumbled upon the benefits of goats milk when her eldest of four girls developed eczema. It soon transpired that she was cows milk intolerant and after the switch to goats milk her skin complaint was soon rectified! Rather than buying goats milk Lisa cut the middle man out and brought her own herd of Toggenburg Goats. These produced far more milk than her family could consume so after much research, testing, legislation, meetings and hard work Its Baaa-th Time was born!


Due to time constraints with the children the business was relocated from Lisa in Worcestshire to Val Grainger in Cornwall! Val has been keeping goats since 1985 due to having eczema and finding it was much relieved by the use of goats milk soaps and goats milk in general. Not only did the location change but the breed of goats changed from Toggenburgs to British Alpines!


Again due to time constraints it’s Baaa-th Time has moved! This time from Cornwall back up to Shropshire with myself - Jade. I have quite a large herd now! Normally around 40 goats (they seem to be growing rapidly!) of varying breeds! , which I have been showing quite successfully! Like Val and Lisa, I suffer with skin complaints, namely psoriasis, which is helped greatly with goats milk products. After buying shampoo and soap from It’s Baaa-th Time for some time the obvious(!) next step when Val said she was finishing was buying the business (That is normal right!)

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